Author: Simon Stone

Published: 21 February 2019

Category: Moving Tips

Author: Simon Stone

Published: 21 February 2019

Category: Moving Tips

​​​​​Preparing for a house move is undoubtedly stressful.

In some cases, you’re compressing an entire lifetime’s belongings into a few cardboard boxes; shifting furniture, packing clothes and sorting

possessions – it can feel like an overwhelming task.

So, it’s no wonder moving to a new house is up there with the most anxiety-causing life events you’re likely to encounter.

To help you through this tricky time, we’ve pulled together a survival guide for home movers, featuring packing tips from our team of house-moving specialists:

Start early

The best thing you can do when moving is to start early. Taking it one step at a time over several weeks will get you ahead of the game - and ease the pain. Don’t jump straight in and start unscrewing the flat pack furniture, though.

Instead, make a plan highlighting what you’re taking and what needs to be packed.

Make a note of priority items that you will need pretty much right up until moving day. Also identify things you could do without for a week and pack these sooner rather than later.

Source packing materials

Packing materials can be quite expensive to buy so ask family and friends for any spare boxes they might have.

Failing that, try a local shop or supermarket. They get produce boxes every day that often end up in a skip but ask for permission first. Make sure you tape the boxes to add strength to the cardboard before filling them with your precious china, however.

  Sourcing Packing Materials

Companies that specialise in packaging now offer home moving kits. This is a convenient way to purchase all the boxes you'll need in different shapes and sizes.

A big advantage of cardboard boxes is that they are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Once your move is complete, you can flatten them down and take them to your local recycling centre.

Bubble wrap is a staple when moving home. The air bubbles cushion your treasured belongings, protecting their fragile nature from the trauma of transit.

A huge plus of high-quality bubble wrap is that it's extremely durable. This means your bubble wrap can be used time-and-again for further packaging needs, offering great value for money.

Loose fill packaging is another measure you could add once your belongings are packed in their boxes. Although not necessary when using bubble wrap, it will add one more level of security if transporting fragile items.

The chips settle around the item to ensure it cannot move if shaken during transit. As with cardboard boxes, you can purchase 100% sustainable loose fill packaging made from starch, which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Once your belongings are wrapped, packed with loose chips and boxed, the final security measure is tape.

Many movers stick with their usual gift-wrapping roll but when moving home, thin, flimsy Sellotape will not withstand the turbulence of a removals van and box lids won't stay closed for long.

Packaging tape has a higher level of adhesive making it much stronger and more durable for substantial items and heavy boxes.


You’d be surprised how much we all manage to hoard over the years; from college work to broken vacuum cleaners. One of the best things about moving home is the opportunity to declutter your house.

As soon as you can, before the move, start going through everything in your house to decide whether it can stay or go. Carefully ask yourself whether you really want to keep each item – such as that spare roll of carpet you’ve had in the loft for three years. This is a great decision-making task that helps you clear the decks ready for a brand-new start in your dream home.

Countdown to the move

4 weeks to go

With four weeks to go you will have found your ideal home and probably be planning in your head where all your furnishings will go. However, while it’s exciting to be thinking through the interior decoration, don’t forget about the essentials you need to do before you move.
Changing your address is important when moving home, so make a list of all the organisations you will need to contact.

Hiring a removal van is also a key element to your moving day plans. Make sure you do this early, as you may want to shop around to find the best deal.

Your key tasks at this point are:

  • Contact removals firms to carry out a professional survey and make a booking.
  • Order a skip or waste clearance company, if needed, then clear out your loft, garage or shed of waste items.
  • Contact utility companies and understand their change of address process.
  • Check with your employer that you will be able to book the necessary leave.

1 week to go

At one week to go ensure the majority of your home is packed away, giving you plenty of time to complete any last-minute jobs. You should:

  • Pack up your house in a clear and precise manner.
  • Have separate boxes for each room.
  • Ensure items are secure and safe.
  • Label destination boxes clearly.
  • Mark fragile items clearly.
  • Disassemble anything you can ahead of the day.
  • Arrange who will look after pets and children during the move.
  • Make up a box of essential information, guarantees and instructions for the new owners - they will really appreciate it.

1 day to go

Make sure you’re ready for the big day with all essential items to hand, and your contacts ready in your phone.
Today you need to:

  • Ensure all items are packed and secure.
  • Put together a box of moving day essentials.
  • Lay down floor protectors.
  • Have everything ready for a big clean or have booked a professional cleaner for the house you are leaving.
  • Make sure all-important documents are boxed and to hand.
  • Arrange where keys will be dropped off and collected from.

Moving day

Today is the day - stay calm and get moving!

  • Ensure all loose items are packed.
  • Have all keys to hand.
  • Read meters for gas, electricity and water.
  • Lock all windows.
  • Give the house a final sweep.
  • Dispose of any remaining rubbish.

If it all feels too much - ask for help

Surviving the packing experience comes down to giving yourself plenty of time, asking around for materials, instead of buying new, and working through one room at a time. But, if you’re still finding it all a bit overwhelming, why not consider bringing in the specialists?

A growing number of removals companies offer more than just relocation services. You’d be surprised how many offer storage and packing help too. If you need tips on the best ways to pack items, ask your moving company. They can advise you on many issues; whether you need to disassemble furniture and how to fit more into your boxes, for example.

Barker Stone can help you to a stress-free move

Or, consider taking the pressure off completely by letting them do the whole job for you?

It will free up time for you to make important phone calls about changing your address and getting that vital internet installed in your new home, for example.

Here at Barker Stone we can certainly help you to a stress-free move with various options available. Contact us to find out more.